Ground Lead Kit

Ground Lead - coited cord for wrist bands connection
The standard ground lead comprises of a 2 m, 3 m or 5 m coiled cord, 1-Meg ohm safety resistor, banana jack and an alligator clip. Strength and flexibility are the common features of the coiled cord. Each coiled cord consisting of reinforced 7 strand tinsel wire which is sheathed in polyurethane ,this cord bousts instant recovery. For the safety of the user, the 1- Meg ohm safety resistor is molded into the snap cap end which terminates tjo the wrist band.

Ground Lead Kit-standard


The standard ground lead kit comprises of a 3 m straight polyurethane cord, Star kit for bench mat secvring, 1- Meg ohm safety resistor, 10mm female snap cap, banana plug and an alligator clip. The1- Meg ohm resistor is securely crimped by a steel fastener in the PVC-molded 14mm snap cap.The Star kit is fitted onto the table mat and the ground lead grounded to earth.

Ground Lead Kit-
single heads

4.6 m earth grounding cord-with a shrouded bench mat bolt through connect and ground 4mm ring terminal at the other end.Designed fo bench top or mat to be connected to the ESD earth-No resistor fitted.
The mat bolt through connection prevents accidended disconnection from the ESD earth.

Ground Lead Kit-
double head


175mm long resistor less ground cord fitted with shrouded 10mm snap connections one at each end. designed to connect two esd surfaces (bench mats or esd laminates) together. this in effect electrically bonds the items together to make a single mat which can be grounded to the esd earth - the shrouds insulate the terminal and help prevent accidental disconnection.

Bench Mounted Ground

Wrists strap ground or ebp earth bonding point - this device is fitted with 2 x 4mm banana plug sockets which are connected to a 2m ground (earth) lead with a 4mm diameter ring terminal at the earth connection end. there are additional two face plate 10mm male snaps to park wrist strap ground cords. ideal for fitting to underside of esd workstations. designed to connect two operators to the esd earth through their wrist straps, can be fitted with a 1 meg ohm inline resistor if required.

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